Water Cooled Chiller Heat Pump Simulation Software

Software which design all unit components : compressor, condenser selection, cooler selection, expansion valve, discharge size, liquid size, mixture size, suction size with ability for comprehensive performance catalogue with excel file extracting ability, in addition to calculate energy saving with annual running cost.

Water cooled chiller heat pump simulation software (ultimate version) is done as complete LAB for technical, research, development (R&D), performance calculation and design & optimizes selection for main refrigeration circuit components, configuration & specifications.


The new for ultimate version catalogue,
is Excel extracting at requested conditions cooler water in temperature with 7 values and 3 different condenser water in/out temperatures.

T-S chart & P-H chart at calculated conditions.

Amazing Features

Units SI or Imperial.
Optimized selection of all unit main components.
Training your staff with all variables and studying it's affect on the unit.
Supporting the manufacturers with the facility of making & design the custom made units to match special customer requirements.
Allowing for the consultant and contractor the possibility of checking the unit operation conditions.
Checking the summer conditions for cooling and winter conditions for heating.
Designers and engineers can select optimized expansion valve.
Calculation of running cost depending on yearly hour operation at any requested currency.
Saving performance and customers data and ability for retrieving it.
IPLV or NPLV calculation.
Catalogue at many different conditions water in & ambient temperature by one press.
Refrigeration circuit schematic diagram.
Catalogue at many different condition water in & ambient temperature can be shown by one keyboard press.
Increase your competitiveness by supporting to get the result in very short time, which will increase your plant flexibility.

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