Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Simulation Software

This software is done for simulation the shell & tube design, which could be used by consultants, research & development engineers and manufacturing Engineers to design and determine the specifications details required for shell & tube heat exchanger manufacturing and control all variables which affect on the heat exchanger performance.

Amazing Features

This software helping the user in all configurations and specifications for shell & tube design and manufacturing.
Designer can check all possibilities to get the capacity for application at requested conditions. Units SI or Imperial.
The ability of selecting suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage and fouling factor.
The ability to use saturated steam or superheated steam at any pressure value request. Designer can control all variables that affect the Shell & Tube HE such as Shell diameter, Baffles No , Baffles space distance, tube size, tube and shell material, tube length and tubes qty. All above data are extracted with professional technical report.

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