Cooling And Heating Load Calculation

One of our software which could be used by different users level (designers, contractors, consultants & engineers), it is one of our miscellaneous software which help users to get very accurate cooling or cooling load, it has many data base for countries, cities dry & wet bulb temperature database, windows, doors, walls & roof construction layers in addition to people, light & equipment affect. It very easy to use and obtaining all required details, which must be taken into considerations for cooling or heating load calculations.

It use SI & Imperial measurements as per user desired, also it have residential with single, multi family or non residential. You can select multi floors up to 100 floors, each one with up to 100 rooms. User can select door dimension, window dimension & directions (North, east north, east, east south, south, west south, west, & west north).

Amazing Features

The ability to use saturated steam or superheated steam at any pressure value requested.
Designer can check all possibilities to get the capacity for application at requested conditions. This software clarifying to the user all configurations & specifications for shell & tube design & manufacturing.
User can use easily his preferred unit measurement SI or Imperial.
The ability of selection suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage & fouling factor. All above data are extracted with professional technical report.

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