Air Cooled Chiller Heat Pump Simulation Software

Air cooled chiller heat pump simulation software supporting the user to have optimum design with all unit components such as compressors (Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Bristol, Hanbel, Fusheng, Refcomp, Frascold, Sanyo and Siam), condenser coil specifications, cooler selection (Alfalaval, Onda, Thermokey, Standard, Swep, Gea & Packless), expansion valves, discharge size, liquid size, mixture size, suction size, with ability for comprehensive performance catalogue with excel file extracting ability. Also, there is ability to calculate energy saving and Low ambient kit at different conditions with annual running cost.

Our long experience and professionalism of about 23 years has enabled us to develop software for all tasks related above field.

Dx pipe sizing for discharge, liquid, mixture & suction with many fittings (elbow 90 short or long radius , bend 180, enlargement, contraction, shut off valve, solenoid valve, filter drier, check valve...etc) at request vertical (upward or downward) and horizontal distances.

Amazing Features

Refrigeration circuit schematic diagram.
Adding part load for compressor screw from BITZER.
Save performance with customers data and ability for retrieving it. Separate circuit sub cooling in addition to integrated sub cooling as an option. Catalogue at many different conditions water in, water Out, water flow rate and ambient temperature. At one keyboard press, the software gives optimum size for discharge, liquid, mixture & suction line.
Calculation of running cost depending on yearly hour operation at any requested currency. Low ambient kit study possibility, to determine the minimum ambient that your designed unit could be run. Training your staff with all variables and its affect on the unit. Designers and engineers can select optimized expansion valve. The ability for manufacturer to design the custom made unit which match special customer requirements. Units SI or Imperial.
PH & TS chart in addition thermodynamics analysis for refrigeration circuit.

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